How to Change your Login Email Address on Facebook®

Steps to change the login e-mail address on Facebook®.
Report/secure a hacked account:
Delete a Facebook account:

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How to Protect your Computer from Viruses and Malware :

Now, you should be aware of the fact that any of the email addresses associated with your Facebook® account can easily be used as your login e-mail addresses. Furthermore, you can easily change the login e-mail address on Facebook® as and when you want.

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(Unable to Receive Emails on Gmail®)
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38 thoughts on “How to Change your Login Email Address on Facebook®

  1. Hi. Can u help me? Someone hacked my fb account changed password and added his account. I can't log in. How to delete that account using my own?

  2. Yay! I could finally remove my old email and add my new login in email address on Facebook! Thank you this was very helpful!

  3. The problem is that despite removing my old primary email account
    associated with my Facebook account. I am still able to login with that
    old email account! This doesn't make any sense whatsoever, makes me so
    fucking angry!

    Someone is harassing me on Facebook by requesting
    password reset email. They know my personal email address Hi ……, We
    received a request to reset your Facebook password.
    Enter the following password reset code:

    happens even if you add the old email address as forgotten password. So
    when that asshole enters your old email address, you still get an email
    address telling you that someone requested password reset. This is the
    problem! Therefore that idiot is able to infinitely harass me as he
    still knows my old email address.

    Facebook needs to do something about this! Completely unacceptable!

  4. I could barely accept on recovering my hacked record, surprisedly got it back from this programmer MCCARROLL6222 on ig
    100% genuine and obliging

  5. I have a new email address!! The old 1 Yahoo says no longer exists!! I have a new phone and new number help??? I haven't been on FB in over a month and you have no idea how bad I need back on to see my family and friends!!?? Please please help. How can I fix this problem???

  6. If I don't remember my email password but I remember my password
    Can I change my email password from Facebook???

  7. Thank you so solved my problem in my deactivated account in yahoo mail..with this i can transfer my primary email to Gmail.

  8. Hi, my Facebook page was hacked nearly 1 week ago and my email used to login was changed also. Now I can't login as I don't know the password to the hackers email

  9. hi sir. i tryed meany time to change my e mail id , but after adding new e mail fb does not send any email on email address … i should i do

  10. hi sir. i tryed meany time to change my e mail id , but after adding new e mail fb does not send any email on email address … i should i do

  11. Very nice video, but you still do not answer , how to i change my primary email address with a new one, you only told me how to have an alternate email address.

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