HOW TO PLAY WARWICK LIKE A PRO IN 14 MINUTES – Warwick Jungle Commentary Guide – League of Legends

How to Play Warwick Jungle like a pro in 14 minutes. I’m a Masters Warwick Jungle main, in this video I’ll show you how I play Warwick Jungle properly, thus allowing you to 1v9. LEGIT INFO PACKED!


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══════════════════════════════════════════Warwick Jungle Commentary Guide, League of Legends

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42 thoughts on “HOW TO PLAY WARWICK LIKE A PRO IN 14 MINUTES – Warwick Jungle Commentary Guide – League of Legends

  1. You are actually disgusting, shit talking your team, while you yourself lead them into there Death. You took drake much to late and you take all the kills even though your not the carry as WW.

  2. Subi una partida de verdad, de esas en donde a penas intentas invadir ya tenes medio team enemigo cuidando..

  3. Bruh this is just one good game you had and then you commed over it pretending you do this every game LUL. Your playing against legit silver bots…try this is even plat and it wont work.

  4. this is more of a "narrative of the game I just played" didn't teach me fuck all about how to play Warwick

  5. Ermm im a ww main and u exppain the thing very well…but i dont know whether blue or red smite is better i pick blue to slow escapers idk i suggest blue but u know he may be right and pick red

  6. i thank you so much like really you made me such a better player with warwick i destroy keep making content like this than you so much KingStix!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Every time he says Victor the first thing that comes on my mind is Victor from yuri on ice

  8. i just s plussed my game whit 20 kills and 2 deaths and i got 3 times double kill xD this build is amazing man tho i few times went on my own since i forgot waht kinda build you made for a sec but i did amazingly this was a good video man you just helped my dream of becoming a warwick main slash god come true thank you so much

  9. 1:37 I wouldve immediatly started dragon. You can solo dragon lv 3 without backing as warwick. Being lv4 at that moment and killing Lee wouldve been a perfect dragon moment right after skuttle.
    Username: Controlllwards (plat 3 ww main)

  10. I came here looking for a mechanics way to play Warwick. Like how to use his abilities. Like this is teh properway to use it Q, then this is how to properly use his w and then how to use his r.

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