Love Nikki – CHEAPEST WAY To Get DELUGE DRAGON – 1284 Diamonds For Both Suits

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This information is from Event Cost breakdown sheet by the Squirtle Squad. Check out their sheet here:

Game: Love Nikki Dress Up Queen, Love Nikki Dress Up Fantasy, Miracle Nikki 奇迹暖暖, ミラクルニキ, 아이러브니키, Ngôi Sao Thời Trang, or นิกกี้มหัศจรรย์. you can download and play here:

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38 thoughts on “Love Nikki – CHEAPEST WAY To Get DELUGE DRAGON – 1284 Diamonds For Both Suits

  1. SUIT BREAKDOWN for Deer Dragon:

    May $100 Giveaway:

    Subscribe or I will delete your Love Nikki account.

  2. I already claimed the guys suit- and now I'm going for the girls suit! But there's only one day left and o won't have time because i wasted all my diamonds and yet i only have 55 water bolts because i spent like 6 of the girls items already-

  3. I finish the boy suit already and I’m a V0 i spend 1100 gem (and got 5 item from the girl suit) it very possible to finish both suit but the boy suit is a little more easier to finish.

  4. I really like ur videos and the way you make them and I wish if u could add as ur friend my ID: 116679287 I’m a beginner and I just started playing the game I’m just level 30 so I’m really thankful to the videos u make ❤️☺️

  5. me:*wants da boi*
    also me:* chooses Fu-Su because confused itself in choice *
    guess who again: * screams in gay dissapointment *

  6. Oh man…I thought..The person on the left side was for the boy’s suit— I’m so stupid

  7. I can't understand that what does you mean by return cost… Do we have to wait this event to come again when these suits will be cheaper please reply first

  8. I get the boy suit and viel, ear, hairpin, left hand, make up for girl suit. Now i'm just need 599 more diamond! Finally another cheap suit for crafting on the future~

  9. i wanna get the suit for the sake of..
    getting the suit but ill just wait for another event
    because tbh im not really a big fan the suit not cuz they’re bad but i guess it’s not my favourite style?

  10. aww! i should’ve chosen the boy suit instead so i could’ve gotten it for cheaper!! i chose the girl suit tho. 😔

  11. Can i get the girl suit for diamonds but wat chapter do i have to get drops from bc im only volume 1 chapter 9

  12. I don't know if I will keep playing tbh, I contacted then via email and customer service was, pathetic, truly pathetic

  13. I'm gonna kill myself because I'd already chosen the girl suit, at least now I have a reason to save diamonds

  14. Ugh, I already spent 990 dias in it, if I knew this earlier, I should've spent those dias on other things like recipe crafting or store items that cost dias! And I picked the grill suit! But I haven't bought anything from the boi suit, and I'm glad to know which parts I shouldn't buy!

  15. They tricked me into picking the wrong one!! 😭😭😭 really wanted just the boy suit, but looks like I'm going to have to pick and choose

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