Mariage D'Amour New Version

About me :
I’m Abdou Aissa algerian conservatory student, i start play piano in 12/12/2016.

Sheet :
Midi :
Mp3 :

Original version :

Download the sound in high quality :

About the song:
Marriage of love is a piece of French solo piano music, composed by Paul de Senneville in 1978, and first performed by the pianist Richard Clayderman from his album “Lettre A Ma Mère” in 1994. Later, pianist George Davidson performed this piece of music from his album “My Heart Will Go On” with a slightly different version, and this is my version i hope to like it.


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2 thoughts on “Mariage D'Amour New Version

  1. Fantastic ! But can you do the George Davidson version followed immediately by the Richard Clayderman version on the same piano and also a piano remix of both versions, without any improvisations ?

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