What happens when two pregnant ladies duke it out | Chinese Drama | Finding Mr. Right

don’t mess with a pregnant lady…even if you are one
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About Finding Mr. Right:
Beijing diva Jiajia (Wei Tang) moves to Seattle to give birth to the son she hopes will win over her married boyfriend. She is not prepared to deal with life when nothing goes right, and the only person willing to spend time with her is her driver.

Tang Wei 湯唯
Wu Xiubo 吴秀波

Xue Xiaolu

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Finding Mr. Right 北京遇上西雅图 | AsianCrush

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21 thoughts on “What happens when two pregnant ladies duke it out | Chinese Drama | Finding Mr. Right

  1. Overall it was an okay movie but the fact that she got pregnant with a married man’s baby and then gets upset about the fact that she cannot have the baby at home is stupid. She did it to herself.

  2. Bragging how great she is as a mom towards the baby in her tummy
    At the same time: drinking alcohols 🙄 How is that a good and responsible mother??

  3. Many people don't realize how beautiful Asian women are, like if you look at them compared to the average whiteor European woman based on skin color people of white descent look plain but Asians have a porcelain look to them. Btw not being racist or biased just making an opinionated statement.

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